Welcome to beautiful Siskiyou County. If you are visiting, we hope you enjoy your stay. Just moved in, enjoy what our wonderful county offers. 

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Jefferson State FLIXX FEST 2019

Nestled in historic Scott Valley among the majesty of far Northern California’s Marble Mountains, the Jefferson State FLIXX FEST proudly claims to be the premier film festival of the "mythical" 51st State of Jefferson.

Now in its fifth year, the festival represents a stand for fiercely independent cinema and is committed to showcasing films and screenplays that capture some of the Jefferson State’s iconic values: beauty, landscape, vision and freedom, in whatever storytelling form that takes.

This festival is a three-day event featuring various films, Q&A’s, happy hours, an Opening night party at the local eatery/distillery - Denny Bar and a beautifully crafted awards dinner held at California Heritage Ranch.

This year’s festival also features six films shot in Siskiyou County, among the many other films screening at the festival. 

Festival ticket are $10 per show, $20 for opening day screenings and $60 for an ALL FEST Pass.

Tickets for the awards dinner are $75 a person, featuring: a farm-to-table meal, local spirits from Denny Bar, local beer from Etna Brewing Company and great local music by the Pacific Crest Trail Band.

Festival tickets can be found at:

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Sneak Preview of the "Made is Siskiyou Showcase"

Saturday, September 14 || 6pm  & Thursday, September 19 || 1pm

This diverse group of shorts were all made in Siskiyou, and cover everything from veterans issues and dam removal to even some (light) horror.  Prepare to enjoy Siskiyou on the big screen! Note: Several of these films contain adult themes. Q&A to follow.

Middle of Nowhere | Director: Jesse Fox

Ex-Marine-turned-goatherd Brian and Vietnam combat vet Alex both live off-grid in the woods of Siskiyou County. Alan, whose military career lasted over two decades, struggles with severe PTSD and looks for peace in training mules. Marge, who served as a nurse in Vietnam, finds a home in a large and supportive community of veterans. All of them tell their stories, exploring what brought them to this wild and often-treacherous county in Northern California.

The River Brings Everything | Director: Liam Gallagher

​Between 1918 and 1965 five dams were built on the Klamath River, cutting off access to the upstream spawning habitat for Steelhead, lamprey and five species of Pacific Salmon. In 2021 crews will begin removing four of the five dams. This film looks at the current state of the Klamath river, the people that live along its banks and how it’s poised to change.

Our Sunday Spot | Director: Steve Pestana

A man visits a special place and experiences bittersweet memories.

Luna | Director: Ross Williams

A young boy is haunted, while his parents grieve a death in the family.

Paths  | Director: Tanner Larsen

When Nathan and Manuel’s friendship is tested, Nathan has to make a choice. Should he follow Manuel and disregard school or find new friends that have similar goals to his own? Paths is a film about friendships, choices, and the many paths life takes you on.

California Untamed | Director: Eric Leslie

What started as a dream - to inspire, promote and bring communities together - has been born.  330 miles.  Arcata to Mt Shasta.  Welcome to California Untamed.