Welcome to beautiful Siskiyou County. If you are visiting, we hope you enjoy your stay. Just moved in, enjoy what our wonderful county offers. 

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Treasures Abound in Siskiyou

Harley’s Antique Shop

5835 Dunsmuir Ave | Dunsmuir | 530-262-1917

Museum-quality antiques at barn sale prices. See a virtual tour on google maps.

Pig Alley Attic Trunk Peddler Mart

424 Pig Alley | Etna | 925-323-9172

Collectibles, gifts, vintage, painted furniture, antiques, hand warmer mugs, art, pillow cases, uranium glass... and the list goes on, and on. Come see for yourself and bring family and friends!

Relics at the Rec

11236 N. Hwy 3 | Fort Jones | 530-468-2888

This delightful shop is right off Hwy 3 in Fort Jones, CA. Featuring a large selection of antiques, collectibles and plenty of curiosities. They also take consignment items.

Rustic Blu

110 Squaw Valley Road | McCloud | 530-853-4141

Siskiyou Vintage at Clary Rose Farms

9539 North Highway 3 | Fort Jones | 530-468-2375

Visit this rustic antique shop, nestled on a small farm, surrounded by majestic mountains of Scott Valley. Antiques, vintage, pottery, sewing, bakelite, coins, books, records & other collectibles are available at this beautiful antique shop.

Wonderland Pop Culture

5814 Dunsmuir Ave | Dunsmuir

Vintage, Vinyl, Postcards, Collectibles and more! Conveniently located on the I5 corridor, be sure to make it a stop on your next road trip.