Welcome to beautiful Siskiyou County. If you are visiting, we hope you enjoy your stay. Just moved in, enjoy what our wonderful county offers. 

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Siskiyou County


Don't miss these amazing attractions, only found in Siskiyou County.

South County Waterfall Tour

Just outside of Yreka are some of the most beautiful natural waterfalls. Instead of heading to the coast for ocean views, check out these incredible waterfalls hidden away between the sandy beaches and rocky crags of Northern California. These falls are nothing short of magnificent. Whatever your hiking level, there is somethings for everyone on this waterfall trail. 

Faery Falls​ | 1.4 Miles RT | Level: Easy

This 50-ft. waterfall, with a wading pool at its base, is reachable by a scenic trail past resort ruins. An easy hike up an evergreen canyon, passing the remains of Ney Springs Resort, a former destination for its silica springs that have since been overtaken by nature.

Mossbrae Falls | 2 Miles RT | Level: Easy


Heading south, down Interstate 5, just outside of the quaint town of Dunsmuir lies one of the more scenic waterfalls in Northern California, Mossbrae Falls. This panoramic 50-foot-high waterfall spans nearly 150-feet-wide, and is fed by springs that cascade down the rocky, moss-covered cliffs into the Sacramento River. Access to the falls is approximately one mile, along the Sacramento River and Pacific Union’s railroad tracks. 


Hedge Creek Falls  | Less Than 1 Mile RT | Level: Easy


Just south of Mossbrae Falls is Hedge Creek Falls. Beginning at the Hedge Creek Park this 35-foot-tall waterfall is a short 5-minute jaunt down a sweet forest trail. Don’t forget to explore the cave behind the flowing falls. Legend has it that stagecoach robber Black Bart went into hiding here.



McCloud Falls  | 4 Miles RT | Level: Easy-Experienced


McCloud Falls, consisting of three waterfalls, Upper, Middle and Lower Falls, is a great off-the-map location for swimming, camping, and of course, hiking the nearly four-mile-long trail to all three magical waterfalls. The path begins at the Lower Falls, climbing upstream along a grade for nearly 1.5 miles to the Middle Falls. Continuing toward Upper Falls is a steeper climb. These falls offer beautiful views of Castle Crags, Mount Shasta, and various other local mountains. 

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Siskiyou County Scenic Drives - West Region

Down River Loop | West Region


North on Main St/Hwy 263 | 8 miles 

Hwy 96 to Scott River Rd | 34 miles 

Scott River Rd to Fort Jones | 33 miles

Fort Jones to Yreka on Hwy 3 | 18 miles


This route will take you alongside the Shasta, Klamath and Scott Rivers. Scott River Road is very narrow, watch out for horses and cows roaming the roads - and make sure to have a camera ready. 


Make sure to bring refreshments and snacks for this long trip. 


When coming into Fort Jones, Scott River Road will dead end into Main Street, take a left and grab some lunch at Three Little Birds, Five Mary’s Burgerhouse, The Gifted Horse Lodge or Victor’s Mexican Restaurant. 


Continue north on Hwy 3, over Forest Mountain to Yreka.



Scott Valley Loop | West Region


South on Main St/Hwy 3 | 17.5 miles

Eastside Rd to Horn Lane  | 11.5 miles 

Horn Lane to Hwy 3 | 1 mile  Food Stop

Hwy 3 North to Yreka | 30 miles


Scott Valley is known for it’s rich farming and ranching communities. Idyllic ranches, cattle and alfalfa fields can be scene throughout this route - be aware of slow-moving ranching equipment, pass with care. 


Before heading back to Yreka, take a left on Hwy 3 into the small town of Etna. Here you can taste the delicious artisan spirits and woodfire pizza from Denny Bar Co. & Distillery, check out the oldest pub in town at Etna Brewing Company, visit Paystreak Brewing Company, or grab a coffee and peruse the merchandise at Wildwood Crossing. Whatever your pleasure, Etna’s quaint downtown has something for everyone.

Siskiyou County Scenic Drive - East Region

Shasta Valley Loop | East Region


North on Main St/Hwy 3 

Hwy 3 to Montague Grenada Rd | 6 miles

Montague Grenada Rd to Webb St/Ball Mountain Little Shasta Rd/Lower Little Shasta Rd/Harry Cash Rd | .3 miles

Webb St/Ball Mountain Little Shasta Rd/Lower Little Shasta Rd/Harry Cash Rd to A12 | 18 miles

A12 to Montague Grenada Rd | 12.5 miles

Montague Grenada Rd to Hwy 3 | 6 miles Food Stop

Hwy 3 to Yreka | 6 miles

On the way back, stop by Shasta Valley Meats at Hwy 3 and Montague Grenada Road for a great deli sandwich and some jerky to-go. Check out their selection of local meats, prepared onsite. 

North State Brewpubs

The State of Jefferson is not all politics, we also brew some darn good beer - and with the craft beer trend still coloring the nation, many  “off the map” locations are producing some award winning beers - with fun local flare.


Etna Brewing Company

131 Callahan Street, Etna CA 96027 | | 530-467-5277


Denny Bar Co. Distillery

511 Main Street, Etna CA 96027 | | 530-467-5115

Paystreak Brewing

449 Main Street, Etna CA 96027 | 530-467-2337


Dunsmuir Brewery Works

5701 Dunsmuir Avenue, Dunsmuir CA 96025 | | 530-235-1900


Mount Shasta Brewing Company

360 College Avenue, Weed CA 96094 | | 530-938-2394


Siskiyou Brew Works

110 Squaw Valley Road, McCloud CA 96057 | | 530-925-5894

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