Welcome to beautiful Siskiyou County. If you are visiting, we hope you enjoy your stay. Just moved in, enjoy what our wonderful county offers. 

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Siskiyou County


Tree of Heaven Campground


Tree of Heaven Campground is located on the banks of the Klamath River. Shaded and open areas are available. Year round trout fishing, seasonal salmon and steelhead fishing, and boat launch access. Many areas are easily accessible for trailers.


Campsites are $15, with a maximum of 14 days stay.


Skeahan Bar River Access/Camping


This camping area is nicely situated along the Klamath River with dirt and gravel areas. This is a large area that could easily accommodate up to 10 - 15 campsites, depending on size of vehicle or tents. Large motor homes could access places to camp in this area.


The camping area is open year round, with a maximum length of stay being 14 days. There are no fees.


Beaver Creek Campground


Beaver Creek Campground is secluded alongside Beaver Creek. There are no fees and the sites have a 14 day limit.


Brown Bear River Access/Camping


Brown Bear Campsite is situated alongside the Klamath River. Many sites have great shade and good river access. There are approximately 6 sites, and all are open year-round, roads permitting. 


There are no fees and the maximum stay is 14 days.


Sarah Totten Campground


This campground is located in a forested area adjacent to Hwy 96. Trails and seasonal trout and steelhead fishing both near the campsite. Campsites offer picnic tables and grills. Campground may fill quickly during summer and holiday weekends.

There are 8 campsites at a first come first serve, and are $10.


Fort Goff Campground


Fort Goff Campground is in forested area adjacent to Highway 96, at the water's edge of the Klamath River. 

There are 5 walk-in campsites, free of charge. Most sites within the Klamath National Forest are open from mid-May through mid-October. Some sites may be available with reduced services.


Curly Jack Campground


Curly Jack Campground is located just on the "outskirts" of the small town of Happy Camp, along the State of Jefferson Scenic Byway. This campground is situated alongside the Klamath River.

There are 16 campsites, including 3 group campsites. Reservations are required for group campsites, the others are first come first served. Some sites can accommodate RV's up to 42 ft, with 2 sites being able to accommodate 60 ft.  There may be low overhang in parts of the campground.

Self Registration at entrance, $15 per night,  and 5 persons max per campsite. 14 day limit.


Dillion Campground


Dillion Campground is located in a forested area adjacent to Highway 96. The superb natural swimming hole is a popular place on hot summer days. Trails are also near the campground.

There are 21 campsites at $10-20 a day, and open May through October.


Nordheimer Flat Campground


Nordheimer Campground is located in mixed forest with Conifers, Oak and Madrone.  Some sites have creek views. The campground is open from May to October.


There are approximately 12 single sites, and 4 group sites. Individual sites are first come, first serve. Reservations are available for group sites only. Reservations at at or 1-877-444-6777.

The sites are $10 per day, check current rates as they may change for new season.


Indian Scotty Campground


Campground is located in forested area adjacent to Scott River. Shaded area in trees and mountains alongside river. Can be hot during summer days. Fishing in river alongside campground includes trout and steelhead. Tubing and swimming along with rafting and kayaking. Trails near the campground. Campsites offer picnic tables and grills.

Campsites are $10 for family sites or $30 for group sites. Reservations are required for group sites and can be made on the Klamath National Forest website. The campground has a maximum stay of 14 days and is open from May - October. There are 28 family sites.


Lover's Camp


Lover's Camp is located amongst a beautiful treed area in the Marble Mountain Wilderness area. Tent camping only, with many hiking and riding trails in this area. The camp has 3 areas, corrals for horses and/or mules for packing into the mountains, parking area for livestock trailers, and a nice paved parking area for autos. Walk-in campsites. 

There are 8 free tent sites with a maximum stay of 14 days. This campground is open May - October. 


Shadow Creek Campground


Shadow Creek Campground is located in shaded area in conifer on the East Fork of the Salmon River. Campsites offer picnic tables and brick/stone fire pits. Campground is a “little use” campground. Currently the campground is not well marked from the road, however, it is adjacent.

There are 5 family campsites available. The campground is open from May - October with a maximum stay of 14 days. 


Matthews Creek Campground


The campground is located in a remote area with oak and pine along with other trees and bushes. Portions of the road from Callahan are not advisable for trailers or RV's. Shaded and open areas near river gorge, campground is on higher ground with view to river below. River accessed by hiking trail. There is a wonderful natural swimming hole that is a welcome place on hot summer days. The deep clear pools are great for fishing. Campsites offer picnic tables and grills.


There are 12 tent sites at $10 per day. The campground is open from May - October with a maximum stay of 14 days. 


Red Bank Public Camp


This is a lovely dispersed-type camping setting near Forks of the Salmon and situated in a dense area of pine, madrone and fir trees. 

There are 5 free campsites, with a maximum stay of 14 days. The campground is open from May - October.


Idlewild Campground


Idlewild campground is located in a medium to dense forest area setting, near the North Fork of the Salmon River.

There are 11 family tent campsites and 15 campsites that can accommodate trailers up to 24 feet. Fees are $10 per day with a maximum stay of 14 days. The campground is open from May - October. 


Kangaroo Lake Campground


A lovely camping area at a high mountain lake that is accessible by automobile. This campground is handicap accessible. The lake is approximately 25 acres in size and at the 100 feet deep at the deepest level. In the summer months the lake is regularly stocked with fish. There are brook and brown trout native to the lake, and rainbow trout can also be caught.

There are 15 sites that will accommodate both tent and trailer camping, with 5 walk-in camping sites for tents only. Maximum length for RV's is 45 feet. The sites are $15 per night with a maximum of 14 days. The campground is open from May - October, weather permitting.